Adhering to the ingenuity of the system to do the high quality auxiliary equipment manufacturers
The company was established in 1998, is located in the Chinese valve capital of the "Yuhuan". Products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, Brazil. Our quality has reached the international leading standards, and passed the ISO9001, 2000 quality system certification, CE, plumbing member product certification. Has been committed to the German high-end HVAC system into the domestic concept. The product line includes intelligent water mixer, health Seiko water separator, temperature control valve and other HVAC control system and water treatment, sliding pipe fittings, Pexb floor heating pipe, HVAC system is the overall solution provider and healthy fashion lifestyle Of the advocates. Since 2006, the first set of surplus solar system into the user family, is still millions of users around the world to bring more noble, stylish, happy life experience for the domestic hardcover real estate to provide high-quality HVAC products.
Water separator series
Filter valve
Temperature valve
Foreign heating valve
PPR/BALL valve
Ball valve
The end of the manifold
Check valve
Complete product family
Since its inception in 1992, according to the needs of the Chinese market, and constantly research and innovation, improve and improve the introduction of more market-leading HVAC products. Have introduced and introduced a sub-intelligent mixers, health Seiko water separator, temperature control valves and other HVAC control systems and water treatment, sliding pipe fittings, Pexb to warm pipe series and other products. In particular, the Chinese style series of product design, to maintain high quality and quality under the premise of not only the integration of Chinese cultural concept characteristics, but also unique to create a new type of pipeline fluid. In access to a number of various types of patents at the same time, in the market also won the good reputation of customers.
Brass agnle valve
PE-RT tube
Aluminum plastic valve
Mixed water system
For the terminal to provide quality products for users to fightMaking a more comfortable and safer indoor living environment Is still life forever mission!
Still high standards of strict requirements, 360 ° in-depth links. The establishment of a sound quality management body Department, through the "self-test, mutual inspection, special inspection" layers of inspection, strict production quality off. Each batch of products manufactured by the professional quality inspectors by internal control standards for testing, from the product appearance, size, physical and chemical properties, packaging and other aspects to ensure product quality and reliable, safe operation of the system. Improve the quality assurance system, advanced detection means, strict testing system to ensure that the extraordinary production quality.
Rapid response service network radiation nationwide
As long as you a phone, still billion will be the fastest time to respond to your needs, the shortest time to help you solve the problem. Where the product is gone, where the service to follow, to ensure that your needs are timely and effective solution.National unified service phone 0086-576-87105919, 7 × 24 hours professional guardian, as long as you a phone, the rest of the things to help you get.Strictly follow the implementation of the People's Republic of China in the "Industrial Product Quality Responsibility Ordinance", "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Protection Law" Three Guarantees responsibility management practices, more than the required warranty time, you can still enjoy our fast service.
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