Complete product family
Since its inception in 1992, according to the needs of the Chinese market, and constantly research and innovation, improve and improve the introduction of more market-leading HVAC products. Have introduced and introduced a sub-intelligent mixers, health Seiko water separator, temperature control valves and other HVAC control systems and water treatment, sliding pipe fittings, Pexb to warm pipe series and other products. In particular, the Chinese style series of product design, to maintain high quality and quality under the premise of not only the integration of Chinese cultural concept characteristics, but also unique to create a new type of pipeline fluid. In access to a number of various types of patents at the same time, in the market also won the good reputation of customers.
Clamping pipe fittings
PE-RT tube
Aluminum plastic valve
Water separator series
Filter valve
Temperature valve
Foreign heating valve
PPR/BALL valve
Ball valve
The end of the manifold
Check valve
Gas valve
Brass agnle valve
Brass fittings
Microbubble magnetic defibrillator
Preposition filter
Mixed water system
Integrated series
PEX-C tube
Compress fittings
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