The company was established in 1998, is located in the Chinese valve capital of the "Yuhuan". Products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, Brazil. Our quality has reached the international leading standards, and passed the ISO9001, 2000 quality system certification, CE, plumbing member product certification. Has been committed to the German high-end HVAC system into the domestic concept. The product line includes intelligent water mixer, health Seiko water separator, temperature control valve and other HVAC control system and water treatment, sliding pipe fittings, Pexb floor heating pipe, HVAC system is the overall solution provider and healthy fashion lifestyle Of the advocates.

Since 2006, the first set of surplus solar system into the user family, is still millions of users around the world to bring more noble, stylish, happy life experience for the domestic hardcover real estate to provide high-quality HVAC products.

At the beginning of the establishment, is still on the occasion of Germany in the field of excellence in the production of outstanding performance, and its birth as a modern HVAC system deep heritage, the introduction of high-precision equipment to protect the product process and quality. Bring the introduction of German senior designers, management experts, to create "HVAC system sector Mercedes-Benz" concept, the design, selection, production, performance testing and other aspects of the harsh control. In 2007, through the introduction of German intelligent production equipment, to achieve a highly intelligent management.

From Germany's technology equipment, design concepts, management experts and strict quality control system, and still billion international research and development team continued innovation complement each other.

In the brand building, is still taking advantage of the Olympic Games and the Expo, to enhance the brand's influence at home and abroad, during the Shanghai World Expo, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Dutch design team, developed a "low-carbon intelligent solar energy system" , Leading the future development of HVAC systems. So that the brand is still more competitive.

The future, to "committed to become a new lifestyle leader" for the vision, still billion will continue to health, fashion, happy new way of life, passed to thousands of families and users.